Video »Porcelain«

Filming and screening … L8 Film has filmed a video for the song »Porcelain«. Karsten and I have found wunderful actors, Maya and Georg, to play the roles of a young couple, seeing their relationship under attack. The video was shot on various locations in Berlin, private rooms and the little theatre »Zimmer 16«, where Xmorph had its first public appearance. Thanks to everyone who worked with us!


During the first half of the year and little longer we‘ve been filming a video for a song of ours. Our first effort is a short film for the song »Reconstructing Wonderland«. The song is new and has not yet been released. The video for the song can be found here and was made by Glow Film. During July and August we have been filming a video for the song »Porcelain«, a song from the album „When The Mercy Starts“. It has not been cut and edited yet so we must ask you to be patient!

Still on MySpace

If you wanna take a little step back into time: xmorph’s myspace-site is still available and offers a lot of photo-material from previous gigs or promotional material …

In the studio again

Just to let you know: Karsten and Michael are back in the studio again to write and record new material. News is we‘ve got someone on the guitar trying to fit into our music. Which way the record will develope is not quite clear. We have a few songs in progress …

Xmorph on

Quite a performance!

Xmorph’s new album „When The Mercy Starts“ has performed quite well on The first 30 days showed 105 plays in total of the songs. Most played was „Belle“, our instrumental intro-song to the album, followed by „Stick Around“, which seems to be the most accessible song of the record. Hopefully with some more plays we will see the first downloads too! Thanks to everyone who shared and like the album on facebook! (ms)