On this page we want to give a little bit of insight into the process of xmorph working on „When The Mercy Starts“.

December 2013: A long story has come to an end. The album, now called „When The Mercy Starts“ is finished. While I, Michael, was off in argentina, Karsten took the efford to mix and master all the tracks. Results are fantastic. For those of you who can‘t wait: Release will be january 10.

While you are waiting here’s some impressions of my voyage.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia, Argentina

National park, near Ushuaia
National park, near Ushuaia

Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo, capital city of Uruguay


Thursday, october 4th: Felt a cold coming up but did the vocals for „Leave Me Alone“ anyway. First take. Sometimes things happen. The album is coming soooon!!! (And we do have a working title: „Dark Sun Rising“. Let’s see.

Thursday, september 26: Listening through the songs of our upcoming album we found out that „Fire“ is not gonna work. It’s a pity. I loved this song in a slow, stripped down version. But then we did something: We took the arrangement of „Fire“ and laid an idea for new lyrics and chorus on it. Don‘t tell anybody! Have to finish the lyrics til next week for the song that now is called „Leave Me Alone“.

Thursday, september 12: Today found me laying in bed with an aching back. Done too much working out, I guess. Karsten was alone in the studio, gonna look next week, what he’s mixed down. Hearing the three songs we have quite finished I get a picture from the whole album. This Is Gonna Be Great! (ms)

Thursday, september 5: Taking three songs home as pre-copy felt very good, this night. „Belle“ (working title), „One Beat On You“, „Porcelain“ appear to be quite near to the finish line. Did some overdubs for „One Beat On You“. That was a real wake-up call for the song. (ms)

Thursday, 29th of august: Best lyrics, that won‘t making to the album:
„Later when the appetite /
The appetite is satisfied/
Later at night /
When the feast has ended. /
You‘re calling out for apparatus /
Life saving machines /
You‘re calling out for morpheus /
Who won‘t be descending.“
Once again, we‘re hopefully do some finishing touches this evening. Gonna have to do overdubs probably. (ms)

Thursday, August 8th: The PC was back on. Who had his fingers in? Can‘t trust no one these days. We noticed that the chorus of „Where Are You“ sounded a little week arrangement-wise, so we took another leap of giving it the usual Xmorph-touch. After that I nailed the vocals (once again). I guess it’s done. Next week we‘re gonna work on some instrumental. (ms)

Thursday, July 31st: The PC is down. Our one and only machine, that contains all the material, doesn‘t want to start anymore. Hopefully the problem gets fixed quickly. Now as we want to do finishing touches to the album. What’s gonna be the name? (ms)

Thursday, July 25th: Oooooh, the heat is almost unbareable these days in and around berlin. Cool sounds only help a little. Worked on „Where are you“. I did the vocals, we built some bass. Some things left to do. Maybe the last vocals I had to do for this record. Can‘t wait to hold it in my hands! (ms)

Thursday, july 18th: That was one of those days … Came into the studio, heard the beats Karsten had prepared and we started writing a song together. Lucky enough, cause we still needed one for album. It’s groovy, it’s quite uptempo and it has an idea of a songtext: „… working for the industry / working for the industry“. Have to finish the lyrics and we still need to put a bassline in it. (ms)

Thursday, july 11th:
We‘re closer to the finishing process of the record now! Last night we went through all our songs and did additional vocals and stuff. Something very interesting happened to me, as we crossed the song „One beat on you / One beat one me“. Originally it is a dance song, musically and lyricwise. But the chorus with it’s heavy impacting drums also allows a wider interpretation. Without having intended it, I noticed that the whole chorus and song are a good comment to all the anti-disco-movement, especially the Disco Demolition Night on July 12, 1979. If we step a littler deeper into the lyrics it says: „Repeating moves / after midnight // The room’s too small / you take it outsight … // One beat on you // And in your head / And in your face.“ I personally always thought all people should rather be hedonists than racists. (ms)

Thursday, july 4th:
Worked on „River’s End“. And it sounds quite finished, the arrangement is much stronger now, vocals are done. Singing really sometimes is a day to day-thing. On this day I reached the high notes better than on other days. Often it’s worth to try again and again and again … (ms)

Thursday, june 28th:
Really waged an attempt on „River’s End“ last night. We made an arrangement but as we reached the „breakdown“-part, we decided this part could fit the verse better. That’s the way it develops sometimes. Different parts become different positions. Quite exciting to see us work on it. Next week’s studio-meeting could be a challenge. (ms)

Thursday, june 27th:
The last two weeks we waged a new attempt on some rejected songs. „Arpollo“ ended with a new melody in the verse and „Battery“ was rearranged in some parts. At the end Karsten and I were very pleased with the result. Maybe we try first strokes on „River’s End“ tonight. Chords for verse and chorus are set, bridge also. Could be an easy thing to put together, if we can keep the positive mood of the song – first time I tried to do that – in major! (ms)

Thursday, june 6th:
Singing is joy, that’s true. But singing in the studio and getting the track right, can be hard work. Yesterday both came together. The vocals for „If You Wanna Be“ and „Fire“ are done (hopefully) and it was fun doing it. Afterwards we tried to pick up the pieces from an unfinished song called „Battery“ (working title), but this one ain‘t gonna make it to the redord due to the lack of a proper verse. Chorus is there though. (ms)

Thursday, may 30th:
There was quite a break in the record of last weeks occurrences due to a lack of time. Good news: We‘re starting to collect things together for the next album. Bad news: There’s a lot of things left to. Songs that are gonna be on: „In This Room“, „Porcelain“, „When The Mercy Starts“, „If Wanna Be (My Lover)“, „Fire“ and something yet unnamed. We‘ll keep in touch. (ms)

Thursday, may 2nd:
Things went quite overwhelmingly well during the last two sessions. I couldn‘t keep up the pace with blogging the news. So we worked on and on at „In This Room“, it sounds slightly finished. In the after-hour (where we usually tend to let go of the hard work and spin around some ideas) I played a new song to Karsten, which is called „Fire“ (yes) and he compared it to a „world-wide-hit-single“. Which it obviously should be, I think! (ms)

Tuesday, april 16th:
Very, very, very good evening in the studio today. Worked on the song „In This Room“ – arrangement for the verses was improved and when the chorus comes in – bang!!! Had to catch myself. Music can arouse and soothe your soul at the same time. Just to give you an impression of how the song is not gonna sound like. This is a demo I made for „In This Room“ out of my lapstop-studio:

Thursday, april 11th:
No studio work today due to someone feeling very tired. Worked at home on the laptop to do some techno-track, which is now called „False, False, Zero“. Gonna develop it a little, maybe it ends up as an instrumental track on the next album. (ms)

Tuesday, april 9th:
A quite fulfilling evening. Played two of my demos to Karsten, I think we‘re gonna do both songs: „Hour In The Rain“ and „In This Room“ (working titles). The vocals for „Stick around“ were redone and are fine now (I guess). Looking forward to thursday. (ms)

Thursday, april 4th:
This week finds us on a break. It’s Karsten’s wedding day. We take a double next week: tuesday and thursday. (ms)

Tuesday, march 26th:
Worked again on the song called „Stick around“, recorded some vocals, but then again changed the feeling of the chorus with a little help from the ARP into something strong! Chorus-vocals need to be redone. The song itself felt ready. (ms)

Tuesday, march 19th:
Snow, snow, snow – but the autobahn was driveable. We took a leap on the new song, now called „Stick around“ and build up a global structure. Still work to do but a fine song, I guess. (ms)

Tuesday, march 19th:
Snow, snow, snow all over town. Seems hazardous to drive to Ruedersdorf tonight. One week without studio work? Time is lost, lost is time. (ms)

Thursday, march 14th:
I guess, the lyrics worked this time. Layed it down. Left the rest for Karsten to finish, poor guy. Maybe some overdubs will be necessary, but the main part is done. Phuhh! Kept a part of last weeks new song to start another one. Same procedure as every week. Seems we‘re never satisfied and that’s good. (ms)

Thursday, march 7th:
Sounded like the lyrics wouldn‘t work. Tried it a several times, but didn‘t get into the song. Next time. But we didn‘t leave the evening to waste and started a new song with some sounds from the Doepfer and Korg Radias. Swelling. (ms)

Tuesday, march 5th:
It’s done. Took me an evening session to do. „Little angel girl / desire’s now declining. You‘re in somebody’s room / Silently you‘re whining“. (ms)

Monday, march 4th:
Karsten tells me has mixed „Heaven explode“ (working title) almost to it’s final stage. That means more pressure on me to get the lyrics done. I‘ve got two verses and the chorus, but no coda. Damn. (ms)

Tuesday, february 28th:
Deviating from our normal schedule Karsten and I met tuesday this week to reach some progress for the upcoming record. Unfortunately the lyrics for the song „Heaven explode“ (working title) weren‘t finished, so we worked on some track with a rather dark atmosphere. Some parts were recorded but later deleted to keep the track in the way we wanted it to sound. Not yet ready. (ms)

Thursday, february 21st 2013:
The song „Heaven explode“ is almost finished (arrangement-wise), the lyrics are still missing and what’s even worse: the theme for the lyrics is missing. I guess I choose those lines to open: „Little angel girl / your wingings are hanging so low“. Chorus could be: „And all the stars are falling down / with a horrible sound. I saw heaven explode / with an unbareable stroke“. How is that? (ms)